IDMAR PEX System is a modern system used in sanitary and heating systems, based on PE-Xb/Al/PE (PE-RT) and PE-Xb/Al/PE-Xb type multilayer pipe systems and a full range of screw and crimp connectors. These systems are suitable for any desired distribution and its adaptation to individual needs.

IDMAR PEX System multilayer pipes comprise five interconnected layers. The pipe core is an aluminium ring constituting a diffusion barrier and limits the thermal expansion of the pipe, is bonded using two layers of adhesive to high density cross-linked polyethylene layers, resistant to high temperatures. Due to such a construction the pipes combine the advantages of metal and plastic.

Modern components in combination with a laser based system for joining edges of the aluminium ring core position the IDMAR PEX System amongst the quality leaders of this market sector.


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